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Gilded Brass Beer Jug*

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A quite amazing old French, or possibly German, lidded jug that was originally used for for beer or water.

Made primarily of brass, still with traces of the original decorative gilding, and with a heavily embossed and nicely detailed pattern, topped with a lion holding an open scroll.  We are pretty sure the lion is of bronze.

The jug is lined inside with zinc so as not to taint the contents and has a capacity of around four litres.  Although the opening doesn’t have a shaped spout, it pours very cleanly.

Almost certainly dating from around 1870-80, the only marks we can find are the numbers impressed on to the inside of the lid and the handle.

Standing approximately 57 cm tall and in very good condition apart from the aforementioned wear to the gilding. 

Ref: 12588

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