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French Silver and Enamel Mirror Pendant*

Item Description

French silver and enamel pendant which slides open to reveal a mirror.

Circular in outline, with an Art Nouveau inspired border framing the image of a young red-haired woman standing in front of a large spider’s web. 

Semi-nude, with just a diaphanous top partially covering her, she’s smiling and looking up at a fly which has alighted on her arm, symbolising her as the temptress, or spider, ensnaring her prey.

Probably from Limoges and circa 1900, there is no artist’s mark apparent, just a French silver mark on the rim at the back.

The surface is a little scratched in places but otherwise the condition is good, commensurate with age.

With a diameter of 3.25 cm and on an ornate silver necklace chain 60 cm in length. 

Ref: 15256

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