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French School Portrait of a Young Woman*

Item Description

Framed oil on canvas portrait in three-quarter length of a striking looking young woman.

With fair skin that contrasts strongly with her dark hair, she’s directly facing the viewer, her equally dark eyes turned slightly away and to her left. 

The bright red lipstick she wears accentuates the outline of her mouth, adding a strong splash of colour to the image as does the long yellow scarf that falls down on both sides from around her neck.

Standing against a green background, the subject stands out so well, immediately grabbing attention.

French school, circa 1920 with no signature but this is a very well executed study by an artist who quite clearly knows his craft.

In a very individual original Art Deco painted frame measuring 97 X 62 cm overall.  The visible image is 76.5 X 41.5 cm.

Ref: 15414

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