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French Art Nouveau Gold Pendant Necklace*

Item Description

High carat gold French Art Nouveau pendant necklace set with diamonds and rubies.

A delightful design with a wide-winged bird flying just ahead of an ornately shaped frame decorated with flowers and leaves set with diamonds and rubies.

At the foot a mirrored ‘C’ design detail is set with a pearl in its centre and little diamonds at the extremities.

Finally a natural pearl with another diamond immediately above forms the drop.

On a platinum chain which is removable via a little screw fitting at the top of the back. Presumably this is to give the option of having a pin fitted so as it could also be worn as a brooch, but thus far this option has not been taken up.

Beautifully made with lovely detail but unmarked. We know it to be French in origin and the gold to be 18 ct. but the maker remains a mystery. 

Somewhere between 1890 and 1910. 

Ref: 15292

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