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Flapper Necklace attr. to Dorrie Nossiter*

Item Description

Unusual necklace of amber beads in two sections, separated by a silver and gold circular detail set with assorted stones in typical Dorrie Nossiter fashion.

The beads are graduated for both size and shade, the shorter length fitting around the neck, leaving the longer part to hang down from the contrasting centrepiece, flapper style.

With a very Arts & Crafts meets Art Deco feel, this is a necklace that’s full of character and individuality.

One of the beads is slightly chipped (see the third of our photos – eighth bead down on the left) but in our opinion this is barely noticeable when worn.

Unmarked but clearly by Nossiter and dating from circa 1930.

The necklace chain, which has a total of 26 beads, is approximately 39 cm in length and the lower section, with 31 beads, hangs 24 cm below the jewelled centre. 

Ref: 15196

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