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Fabulous Fauns

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Pair of wonderful bronze bookends titled “Petits Faunes en Serre-Livre”, both signed by the artist Paul Silvestre (1884-1976) and by Susse-Freres, Paris.  Also with the Susse Freres foundry stamp.

Of a boy and girl faun, each in a different position and with delightful detail, particularly to the faces. We’ve not seen these too often and reckon them to be a bit special.

Around 12 cm long although the boy is just a little longer, he being 10 cm high and the girl around 9.5 cm.  Dating from the 1930’s.

Lit:  Pierre Cadet, Susse Freres: 150 Years of Sculpture 1837-1987, p. 336

Ref: 12332

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