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Enamelled Gold Brooch by Joe Descomps*

Item Description

Art Nouveau 18 ct.  gold brooch in the form of a profile portrait of a young maiden, surrounded by leaves and flowers of purple iris.

Designed by the French sculptor, artist and engraver Joe Descomps (1872-1948) who is regarded as a master of the Art Nouveau style.

Approximately circular to very slightly oval and with a shaped outline, the subtle shades of the enamelled flowers and swirling leaves contrast beautifully with the clear gold of the dreamy looking young woman.

Descomps exhibited at the Exposition des Beaux-Arts in 1900 and this lovely brooch dates from aound that time.

Clearly marked on the back and measuring 3.5 cm wide.

Lit:  Alastair Duncan, The Paris Salons 1895-1914, Jewellery Vol. 1,  pp. 187-188.

Ref: 13672

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