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‘Elegant Lady in the Dunes’ by Aimé Stevens

Item Description

Framed oil painting on canvas titled ‘Elegant Lady in the Dunes’ by the Belgian artist Aimé Oscar Stevens (1879-1951)

Seated on a small sand dune with the sea in the background and confidently looking directly at the viewer, the young lady is wearing a gaily coloured floral top and, on her head, a white beret pulled down at one side.

She makes an arresting image, her striking face immediately attracting the eye, and she exudes poise combined with a very slightly haughty elegance.

Stevens studied and subsequently taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and his work, which has attracted some big prices in the past, is also frequently seen in print form.

Showing a degree of craquelure to part of the surface which is not at all unusual bearing in mind the age, the visible image measures 48.5 cm X 38.5 cm with the overall framed size being approximately 65 X 54 cm.

Ref: 15590

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