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Egyptian Revival Bracelet with Ancient Beads

Item Description

Large and impressive Egyptian revival bracelet dating from the 1920’s to early 30’s, the height of the Art Deco era during which all things Egyptian revival were very much in vogue.

Crafted in silver gilt, as is not uncommon in the better Egyptian made jewellery of the period, and featuring colourful ancient ‘tombstone’ beads in both tubular and disc form.

The central metal plate shows stylised lotus leaves at each end of a large faience scarab in a mottled shade of pale browny-blue, complete with Egyptian symbols carved on the back.

At each end is a tapered plaque depicting a mummy and a lotus leaf with a little green glass cabochon set between the two.

Tha clasp opens and closes securely via a sliding pin which pushes through a tube, the central section of which is fitted to the opposite end.

Approximately 20 cm in length and 5.5 cm wide at the widest point.

Ref: 14571

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