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‘Douce Pensée’ by Gori

Item Description

Charming Art Nouveau bust of a pretty girl by the Italian sculptor Affortunato Gori. Titled ‘Douce Pensée’ which translates to ‘Sweet Thoughts’, this is a good quality terracotta head and shoulders with fine detail.  

The young girl, who looks to be no older than a teenager, is coyly smiling with her head very slightly tilted and lowered.  She has long tresses of almost auburn coloured hair which tumble down her back and forward over one shoulder. Her face is full of youthful innocence and her captivating eyes are quite beautifully detailed.

Gori – who also spelt his name Gory – moved to Paris as a young man to complete his studies and was subsequently a frequent exhibitor at the Societé des  Artistes Français. His particular speciality was the sculpture of young women and children and he also frequently worked in marble and bronze. 

This bust would have been completed around the turn of the 19th – 20th centuries.  Signed A. Gori to the back of the girl’s smock and strangely, also showing a second indecipherable signature on the plinth together with the number 613. 

Th height and the width are both around 31 cm.

Ref: 12459

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