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David Andersen Four Seasons*

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A complete set of the iconic Four Seasons collection of silver-gilt and enamel brooches designed in the late 1950’s by Thorbjørn Lie-Jørensen (1900-1961) for David Andersen. These are occasionally seen individually but rarely as a foursome.

The brooches are all of the same design but enamelled in different hues to represent spring, summer, autumn and winter.

An abstract design resembling a stylised aerial view of a rural landscape, with each field and enclosure reflecting the shades appropriate to the chosen season.

Cool spring is depicted mainly in blues with added touches of yellow and pale brown, summer is in assorted greens and yellows, autumn shows rich gold, browns and yellows and finally winter with icier looking whites and greys.

All are rectangular in shape with a very slightly irregular outline, and the guilloche enamelling gives a noticeable texture to each one’s surface.

A fraction below 4.5 cm in width, two of the brooches are fitted with a ‘C’ clasp, the other two having a rollover type fastener and all are clearly marked on the back.

N.B. We have another two examples of the blue brooch representing the spring season which are available individually. Do let us know if of interest.

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