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Crucifixion Triptych*

Item Description

Superb antique Limoges enamel triptych set in gilded mounts applied to a deep red velvet covered frame.

Depicting in the arched centre panel Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary, with The Virgin Mary on one side and Mary Magdalene on the other. 

The two side panels are hinged, enabling them to be closed over the central image and this increases the dramatic impact of the whole composition as they are opened.

A high quality piece with superb enamelling which is beautifully mounted.

There is a faint signature at the bottom  of the right hand panel and also a monogram on all three but, frustratingly, we are unable put a name to it.

Close examination reveals there to be a small triangular area of enamel missing at the bottom left corner of the central panel and a fine hairline in the top area of the background. This is hardly surprising in view of the age – circa 1880 – and in all other aspects the condition is excellent.

Measuring 21.5 cm high by a touch over 28 cm wide overall.  A ring is affixed to the back for wall hanging.

Ref: 14906

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