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Cleopatra and the Asp*

Item Description

Impressive patinated bronze sculpture depicting Cleopatra in the act of suicide with the asp around her arm, poised ready to strike.

Reclining on a lion’s pelt covering a raised bed with a sphinx at each corner, she’s resting one elbow on the head of the lion, and is naked apart from an ornate headdress and a high belt, both of which are embellished with faceted jewels – a glass ruby and a glass diamond.

With her head back and her eyes closed she’s grasping the snake in one hand, preparing to receive its mortal bite.

This is a beautifully detailed and extremely well modelled sculpture with plenty for the viewer to take in.  

Almost certainly French, dating from the late 1920’s to early 30’s but unsigned. There may well have been a signature on the original marble base but this has been replaced at some stage with the present one of variegated onyx. 

The height is around 23 cm and the base measures approximately 36 X 23 cm.

Ref: 13479

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