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Charles Horner Art Nouveau Pendant

Item Description

Enamelled silver pendant necklace by Charles Horner, fully hallmarked at Chester for the year 1908.

A classic Art Nouveau wide urn-shaped design with two separate enamelled areas in shades of blue and green.

The main pendant hangs on two short lengths of chain from a circular suspender and, somewhat unusually, this particular piece also has a pear-shaped drop, both sections being enamelled in similar colours. Other examples of this pendant that we’ve seen have usually been without a drop.

Measuring approximately 6.5 cm in length including the suspender and drop, with the silver necklace chain being 47 cm long.

Lit:  Charles Horner of Halifax by Tom J. Lawson, p. 59 where this design is shown as a brooch.

Ref: 15122

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