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‘Capricorne du Chene’ Pendant by Amalric Walter

Item Description

French oval pâte de verre glass pendant designed by Henri Bergé and made by Amalric Walter (1870-1959) during the early 1920’s at his glassworks based in Nancy.

Titled ‘Capricorne du Chene’ it depicts one of the largest insects known, a type of long-horned beetle that finds its hosts in oak trees.

In semi-transparent shades of blue graduating to a smoky greenish yellow with the beetle itself picked out in a dark red-brown, the making and firing of the pastes that produced this pâte de verre glass was a long and complicated business.  Walter however was a master of his craft and pieces by him are still keenly collected.

Marked AW N which is the manner in which many of his small pieces were signed, and knotted on to a doubled green cord simply tied at the back allowing the length to be easily adjusted.

The pendant measures a fraction over 5 cm long.

Ref: 14895

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