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Butterfly Pendant by Martin Mayer*

Item Description

Jugendstil silver and plique-à-jour enamelled pendant in the form of a colourful butterfly.

With green and pinky-violet enamelling and set with faceted clear paste stones all along the body, at the ends of the feelers, and a single larger one dead centre, between the wings. 

The two eyes have the appearance of pink tourmalines but we’ve not tested them.

Marked on the back with a wheel and a star, the mark of Martin Mayer.

Early 1900’s and measuring just a fraction over 3 cm wide from wingtip to wingtip. Approximately 5.5 cm in length including the suspender, with the necklace chain measuring 45 cm.  

This pendant was almost certainly gilded originally, traces of the old gilt still being visible in places.

Ref: 15440

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