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Bracelet attr. to John Paul Cooper*

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English Arts & Crafts bracelet in 15 ct. gold, unmarked but firmly attributed to John Paul Cooper, bearing as it does all the hallmarks of that renowned craftsman’s style and workmanship.

With a double chain comprising beautifully hand-made links, a series of little connectors keeping the two rows slightly separated, and a pair of matching openwork decorative components within a fine rope patterned border, set with rubies, a moonstone and an olive green cabochon that we have been unable o identify with any certainty.

The ornate clasp is similarly set with the same assortment of stones and is fitted with a safety chain which suspends a delightful little drop which is also gem-set.

Approximately 18 cm in length but not easy to measure precisely as the safety chain doesn’t allow for it to be fully opened out.

Ref: 15965

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