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Bernhard Bloch Smoking Jockey*

Item Description

Amusing and characterful study of a jockey standing with his hands in his pockets, leaning back against an old tree stump with a cigar clamped between his teeth.

Wearing long boots and with his cap at a slightly jaunty angle, this is a wonderfully stylised figure – long and skinny with an angular face, big ears and a knowing look.

It could only be by Bernhard Bloch and it is, marked with the usual BB on the underside and numbered 7501.  There is also a somewhat indistinct signature to one edge of the base.

In very nice condition – his cigar may have been re-attached at some point but it’s not obvious.

Dating from circa 1910 or perhaps just a little later and approximately 27 cm high.

Ref: 13337

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