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Beaded Necklace attr. to Dorrie Nossiter

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Necklace strung with gently graduated beads of water opals fitted with a clasp that is typically Dorrie Nossiter in its Arts & Crafts use of gold, silver and three different sized opals.

Extremely elegant, the almost white cord being carefully knotted between each of the opals which are a soft shade of translucent grey-blue when held up to the light, but darken somewhat depending on their background.

The ornate clasp shows a detail of tiny silver balls, gold spirals and a concave pierced feature that is somewhat like a stylised leaf.  Set amongst these are three offset opals.

The total length of the necklace is approximately 58 cm and the clasp has a width of a fraction below 2.5 cm.

Ref: 14848

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