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Austro-Hungarian Necklace

Item Description

Very fine openwork silver Austro-Hungarian necklace set with an arangement of garnets and what appear to be emerald doublets, together with little circular pieces of mother-of-pearl.

The centre of the main pendant is fashioned into a stylised flower shape with black and white enamelled petals and two pearls are suspended below, one each side of the double drop.

This takes the form of a mini version of the main pendant, and the final detail at the foot houses a collet set emerald.

The ornate necklace chain is crafted in eighteen sections, each set with matching stones and seed pearls, all linked together and culminating in the nineteenth, the clasp which is detailed with the same design.

Fine all over etched detail to the silver on the back confirms the overall quality of this fine piece. 

Length from the top of the pendant to the bottom of the drop is 6 cm and the fancy necklace chain measures approximately 41 cm.

Ref: 15127

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