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Arts & Crafts Gold and Opal Pendant Necklace*

Item Description

Very fine pendant necklace crafted in high carat gold – at the very least 15 ct. – set with a quite beautifully coloured upright oval opal.

Immediately above this is a small cluster of three gemstones which test as a citrine and a pair of grossular garnets.

The pendant hangs on a single link from a central suspender, the gold crafted with leaves and tendrils and set with further gemstones including a light amethyst, citrines and two small pearls.

All the chainwork is original and features a typically Arts & Crafts toggle type fastener.

The two sections together measure a fraction below 5 cm in length, with the fully opened lut length being a touch over 40 cm.

Ref: 15901

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