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Arts & Crafts Framed Dragonfly Pendant Necklace*

Item Description

English Arts & Crafts necklace in the form of a silver framed rectangular copper plaque delightfully enamelled with a lakeside scene featuring a dragonfly in flight close to the water’s edge.

The enamelling detail is of superb, extra fine quality and the insect stands out strongly against a background detail of the water, plantlife and sky in strong shades of blue and green.

Set in a silver frame with a little flower at each corner together with a spray of further flowers and berries and a little green chrysoprase cabochon in the top left corner.

The pendant is attached to the necklace chain via a suspender detailed with three matching flowers and all the chainwork matches throughout.

Bearing the signature A.I. Pool for Agnes Pool who studied at the Birmingham School of Art in the very early 1900’s, the plaque is counter enamelled on the back for stability.

The frame measures 5 cm in width and the length from the top of the suspender is approximately 7 cm. The necklace chain is just shy of 46 cm long.

Ref: 15055

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