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Arts & Crafts Brass Framed Picture “Life”*

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Lovely old Arts & Crafts brass framed and glazed picture of a sailing sloop and its crew battling against the wind and sea on a blustery day, with a small flock of seagulls following their progress.

The man for’ard is standing rather precariously on deck hauling on one of the sheets while the other two crew members are steering and controlling the boat as it runs before the wind.  How the hats they’re wearing are still on their heads is really quite remarkable. 

Titled “Life” in the hammered brass frame, the picture looks to be a lithographic print but we can’t be absolutely sure. There is no sign of a signature although one might well be hidden by the frame which we’ve not removed.

A pair of writhing sea fish are repoussé worked at each bottom corner with two more on the top rail, either side of a colourful enamelled cabochon placed in the centre.

The distinctively contoured frame is a good size at 71.5 cm high overall by 99 cm wide, with the image measuring approximately 51.5 X 79.5 cm.

Ref: 14258

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