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Art Nouveau Maiden Lamp*

Item Description

French Art Nouveau table lamp from Les Lumieres de Nancy with a colourful pate-de-verre glass shade signed Le Verre Francais.

The slenderArt Nouveau maiden, wearing a long diaphanous gown, is standing with her hands entwined behind her head and one arm around the stem of the lamp which curves gracefully upwards, behind and slightly to one side of her.  The young lady’s dress fans out at her feet to form the base.

Made of pewter, her pose is very similar to the WMF two and four dish lady which she resembles very closely.

This is a ‘mood’ lamp rather than one for bright illumination as it only takes a 25 watt bulb but it looks delightful when lit.

Dating from around 1905 -1910, both the lamp itself and the glass shade are signed and it measures around 40.5 cm high.  

Recently rewired with three-core cable to meet current standards.

Ref: 12496

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