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Art Nouveau Gold, Amethyst and Enamel Necklace*

Item Description

Elegant Art Nouveau 9 ct. gold necklace featuring ornate chainwork, set with amethysts and enamel detail.

Three circular faceted amethyst stones are set at intervals along the central part of the main chain, with further swags of chain suspended below.

On these, and immediately below the three amethysts, elongated tapering drops, enamelled in white with little gold dots, hang down supporting a further three amethyst drops.

The central drop matches the upper three in outline whilst the outer pair are in the form of teardrop shaped faceted beads. 

Fitted with an unusual and quite delightful heart shaped clasp, also set with a carefully shaped amethyst.

English in origin and dating from circa 1900, the necklace has a length of just a touch over 39 cm.

Ref: 15509

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