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Art Deco Silver, Carnelian and Marcasite Pendant Necklace*

Item Description

Art Deco silver pendant necklace, very much in the Fahrner style but unmarked, other than for 935 silver.

A geometric outline and a contoured surface with an upright central design of stylised wide open flowers decorated with marcasites.

Carnelian cabochons of various shapes and sizes are set in an orderly design, accentuating the overall geometric look.

At the top a dedicated bale is fitted, also embellished with carnelians and marcasites.

The chain is in two distinct sections, the first of which continues the square cornered theme before connecting to more orthodox links, interspersed with little flower shapes.

Circa 1930 and a good size at 7 cm long, including the bale. The necklace chain has a total length of approximately 39 cm.

Ref: 15457

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