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Art Deco Red Indian*

Item Description

Fabulous Art Deco green patinated spelter Red Indian on a rough hewn stone base.

We’ve never come across this before but it is a top quality sculpture that is, very surprisingly, unsigned or marked.

The warrior is depicted crouching very low to the ground and crawling stealthily forward. He is holding a bow in his left hand and is naked apart from a short skirt made of feathers and his feathered head-dress.  The way his hands and feet are slightly embedded into the surface, it could even be snow that he’s carefully moving over.

The sculptor has given him an incredible face that’s full of strength and concentration – his features are really quite amazing to behold.

Measuring approximately 65 cm long by 16 deep and 36 cm high.  Dating from the late 1920’s to early 30’s and extremely heavy.

Ref: 12970

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