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Art Deco Girl and Cat*

Item Description

Charming Art Deco spelter of a young girl relaxing in a garden with her cat.  She’s seated on the ground among flowers with her legs partially drawn up and her hands crossed in front of her. 

The cat is sitting in front of her with its tail curled around it, in a typically quiet position that all cat lovers will instantly recognise.  It’s a relaxed and peaceful scene that is very appealing.

Mounted on a dark marble base measuring a touch over 39 by 13 cm and with a height of approximately 22 cm. There is an applied title plaque ‘Espi├Ęgle’ which loosely translates to mischievous or playful.

Signed in the metal by the artist B. Sollazzini and dating from around the late 1920’s.

Ref: 12629

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