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Murrle Bennett Silver & Enamel Orchid Pendant

Item Description

A rare silver and enamel pendant necklace from Murrle Bennett with the image of a particular species of orchid flower. Known as the Blue Disa, it is only found naturally in the Cape Province region of South Africa.

Nicely contoured, with an almost circular outline and a hammered finish to the silver that frames the flower, and further detailed with four little clusters of silver studs spaced evenly around the edge.

The centrally placed orchid flower is beautifully enamelled in shades of blue, greenish yellow and violet with the green stem and leaf below.

At the foot hangs an instantly recognizable Murrle Bennett drop, partially enamelled in the same shade of green.

The pendant is suspended on four short lengths of chain and connects to the single necklace chain which is fitted with the original toggle type fastener.

Approximately 4.5 cms. long from the central top ring to the bottom of the drop and with a fully opened out length of 43 cms.

Marked on the back with the MBCo maker’s mark and 930 for the silver content – marginally higher than sterling.

Also impressed with the Latin name of this particular orchid.

Ref: 16073

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