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Gold and Pastel Enamel Skylark*

Item Description

Brooch pendant in high carat gold in the form of a skylark clutching a pearl and climbing high into the sky.

Quite beautiful matt enamelling in mainly pastel shades, the strongest colour being the orange-red on the bird’s breast and throat.

Set with tiny diamonds on the leading edges of the outspread wings and with a single diamond forming the eye.

Partially enamelled on the back, from the head to the tail, the unenamelled gold wings showing a beautifully etched feathery detail.

The brooch fitting is easily removed for wearing as a pendant and there are two little hooks on the backs of the wings for attaching the chain.

Dating from the early 1900’s and showing no marks, but the gold tests as at least 15 ct.

Just the merest fraction below 4.5 cms. from wingtip to wingtip with the necklace chain measuring 44 cms. in length.

Ref: 16269

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