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Amalric Walter Pendant

Item Description

Pâte-de-verre glass pendant by made by Amalric Walter and designed by Henri Bergé circa early 1900’s.

Almost ovoid in outline and depicting a beetle seen from above.

Semi transparent blue shading to green, with a bevelled edge and the insect standing slightly proud of the background giving a noticeably three dimensional effect.

Clearly initialled to the left AW and to the right B although the initials have not picked up that well in our photos.

The pendant, which measures the merest fraction below 4 cm in length, shows a very tiny loss to the back edge near the top (see final photo) but this in no way detracts from its appearance and is mentioned purely for complete accuracy.

Suspended on a knotted dark cord which has a total length of approximately 84 cm.

Ref: 15832

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