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Alabaster Snake Charmer*

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Rare and visually quite stunning carved alabaster lamp depicting a  young semi-nude snake charmer with a cobra writhing at her feet.

Wearing just an open skirt and an ornate turban, she is seated on a little raised platform with one leg extended towards the snake.  They are each carefully watching the other as she plays the notes on her flute. 

The sculpture’s only colour is in her belt and earrings, together with some small gold ornamentation to the corners of the dais.

Set between the sculpture and the darker toned alabaster base is the cavity that houses the lamp, the sides of which show an Indian landscape together with elephants, through which the light shines.  

Beautifully carved by Eugenio Battiglio (sometimes noted as Battiglia), a Tuscan artist who worked in Florence during the latter part of the 19th. and early 20th. centuries.

The overall length is around 38 cm, with the width 20 cm and the height 45 cm.

Ref: 13151

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