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Birds & Animals

The majority of bird and animal sculptures offered are from the Art Deco period, when the power and grace of certain creatures inspired the animalier artists of the day to create wonderful pieces, some of which are extremely realistic and other quite stylised. Panthers, lions and leopards were popular subjects, sometimes modelled with a fierce attitude when depicted with snarling faces and bared teeth. Our favourites however show them in quieter mood, either resting or stalking. Antelopes and deer were also favoured and you only have to see one or two of the better examples to see why. Dogs too worked well, especially the greyhounds, borzois and German shepherds. Birds were usually depicted realistically and some of the ceramic pieces can be very striking, often with beautiful paintwork. We hope you enjoy looking at our selection of birds and other animals.

Barye Panther and Kill

Superb bronze sculpture of a recumbant panther lying over its kill by the celebrated French animalier Antoine-Louis Barye. A lifelike study with the panther at ease, one paw resting on the dead Muntjac deer lying…

Pair of Hounds by JE Masson

Fabulous Art Deco pair of hounds by the French animalier Jules-Edmond Masson (born 1871). Mounted on a naturalistic rocky base, the male dog is standing high and looking keenly alert whilst his mate alongside him…

Limousin Leaping Panther

Good Art Deco spelter panther from Limousin, quite clearly a notch or two in quality above the grade often seen. Strongly sculpted, leaping and snarling, and patinated in an attractive bronze colour. Mounted on a…

“Lionne en Chasse”

Very special early French Art Deco wooden sculpture of a Lioness. This is a realistic portrayal of the animal, lean and hungry looking as it sets out on the hunt.  A high quality and very…

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