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Early Daum Lily of the Valley Vase with Silver Mounts

Item Description

An early and very rare cameo glass vase from Daum with a classic trefoil neck and silver mounts.

Decorated with a design of flowers and leaves of Lily of the Valley, etched in green and yellow layers of cameo glass on a yellow and almost clear opalescent ground which is further enhanced with ‘Martelle’ hand engraving.

This very fine Art Nouveau vase also features superb silver mounts to both the foot and the neck, the one at the foot continuing the Lily of the Valley theme.

Continental silver marks together with the words KNEIN-COUTELLE are impressed on the top mount.

An early piece, dating from circa 1885 and signed on the underside Daum Nancy with the Cross of Lorraine, the mark being very much clearer than our photograph shows.

The height is 15.5 cm and the width of the silver mount at the base is 7 cm.

Ref: 12101

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