Goldscheider Art Nouveau Statue
  • Goldscheider Art Nouveau Statue
  • Goldscheider Rebecca at the Well
  • Rebecca at the Well by Goldscheider
  • Goldscheider Art Nouveau Rebecca
  • Art Nouveau Rebecca by Goldscheider
  • Goldscheider Statue \'Rebecca\'
  • Goldscheider model no. 2537

Rebecca at the Well

Item Description

This is the smaller version of Goldscheider's 'Rebecca' statue, but is still a very respectable size at around 44 cm high.

Dating from c. 1902 it is a classic and lovely Art Nouveau sculpture from the artist Cherc depicting the young maiden pausing for a while by a low wall.

Good clean condition with artist signature and marked on the edge of the wall with the numbers 2537/281/9.  There is no Goldscheider plaque, as can be the case with some of their old terracottas, but the authenticity is guaranteed.

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