Art Deco terracotta \'Joy\'
  • Art Deco terracotta \'Joy\'
  • \'Joy\' by Marcel Bouraine
  • Terracotta \'Joy\' by Marcel Bouraine
  • Art Deco terracotta by Bouraine
  • Art Deco \'Joy\' by Marcel Bouraine
  • Art Deco \'Joy\' by Bouraine
  • \'Joy\' by M Bouraine
  • \'Joy\' by Marcel André Bouraine

'Joy' by Marcel Bouraine

Item Description

Delightful Art Deco terracotta study of a mother and child by the French sculptor Marcel-André Bouraine (1886-1948).

The pair are seated on the ground, the young woman leaning slightly back and exending her right arm towards the small child who is reaching forward to take her hand.

She's a very Deco lady, semi nude and sporting a hairstyle so typical of the times. The youngster is wearing a cute little hat and smiling.

Cast in Paris at the Susse Freres foundry circa 1930 and finished in the natural colour of the terracotta itself.

Signed M. Bouraine and also showing the foundry seal and mark.

This piece came to us with the tailor-made inlaid wooden plinth shown in our photos but it lifts out quite easily if preferred.

The overall height when seated on the base is approximately 40 cm and the base measures around 59 X 26 cm. Without the base, the terracotta itself is 55 X 22 cm.

Price £560.00

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