Goldscheider water maiden by Petri
  • Goldscheider water maiden by Petri
  • Goldscheider Art Nouveau Water Maiden
  • Art Nouveau Water Maiden by Goldscheider
  • Goldscheider terracotta Water Maiden
  • Art Nouveau Goldscheider
  • Otto Petri
  • Goldscheider model number
  • Goldscheider mark

Goldscheider Water Maiden

Item Description

Seldom seen Goldscheider statue by Otto Petri of a young maiden carefully bending forward on one knee and leaning towards the source of a spring, so as to fill with fresh water the two vessels she's carrying.

Painted in pleasingly natural earthy shades with gilding to her dress and headscarf.

This has got to be a rare find as it's not catalogued in either of the Dechant/Goldscheider or Pinhas reference books.

Probably made in the very early 1900's, 64 cm high and with the usual Goldscheider markings.  Numbered 3125/196/2, it is in lovely aged condition with just a few very minor paint nibbles.

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