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Goldscheider Nude with Large Shell

Item Description

Rarely seen Art Nouveau polychromed terracotta figure of a young semi-nude maiden standing on an ornate plinth, leaning forwards and holding in front of her a large shell.

With just a small amount of drapery curled around her back and falling to the floor at her feet, and her hair styled in a chignon, she's the epitome of Art Nouveau.

The almost round, very slightly dished shell is offered forward as a visiting card or letter tray and would probably have been placed in the entrance hall of a home in those times.

Designed for Goldscheider by the in house artist E. Tell circa 1900 and showing his signature together with the Goldscheider plaque and the numbers 2046/98/22. 

The condition is good, commensurate with age, with just a little wear here and there to the green, beige and brown painted finish. 

Approximately 60 cm high by 41 cm wide and 50 deep. 

Price £2,750.00

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