Terracotta, Stone & Plaster Figures

There were many fantastic artists and sculptors creating busts, statues and smaller figures that completely reflect the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. Terracotta and plaster proved to be ideal materials with which to model larger pieces, many of which had, and still have great impact. Most of these were carefully hand-painted in subtle colours, some were gilded with gold leaf and in most cases the original colours have now toned down considerably simply due to age and the inevitable handling and rubbing. If we were to see these sculptures as originally freshly painted, although they would of course look magnificent, somehow they wouldn’t look quite as right as they do to us now the years have faded them. However, we do come across pieces that have in the past received some fresh attention colourwise and, as long as this has been done with sympathy, we see no reason to pass them over. Figures of carved stone, mainly alabaster and marble, are also covered here. See separate Busts category for terracotta, stone and plaster busts.

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