Antique crystoleum lady portrait
  • Antique crystoleum lady portrait
  • Crystoleum Portrait of a Lady
  • Antique crystoleum portrait of a lady
  • Crystoleum picture of a lady
  • Victorian crystoleum picture

Crystoleum Portrait of a Lady

Item Description

Framed crystoleum picture of a fashionable and rather lovely young lady of around the 1890's.

Wearing a splendidly extravagant dress with enormous puffed sleeves and a large, wide-brimmed hat trimmed with flowers, she oozes style and confidence.  

The process of producing a crystoleum normally involves the use of concave/convex glass but, unusually, this one is flat.

Signed in the top left corner, the signature appears to read W. Sichsel but unfortunately we know nothing about the artist.

There are a few small visible scratches apparent which are simply due to age and general wear and tear but it remains an exceedingly beautiful image.

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