Pictorial Artwork

Surely every wall in every home, office, reception area or other workplace, deserves at least one carefully chosen picture.  The right choice, whether it be an original painting or some form of reproduction, is such an obvious focal point that it’s often one of the first things we notice on entering a room.  Whether displayed singly, in pairs, or even with multiple pictures of differing subjects and styles, an interior is lifted and enhanced by good pictorial artwork.  It really is quite remarkable how a man-made arrangement of outlines and colours on a flat surface has the capacity to stir the emotions. We may no longer paint directly on to the walls (not most of us anyway) as our ancestors once did, but instead we have the option to add to, replace or just rearrange those pictures we enjoy.  As with three dimensional designers, the Nouveau and Deco artists moved forward from the earlier heavy, sombre and classical styles with their paintings reflecting the new moods and attitudes of the times. Posters too were produced in great numbers, especially in France, and these, together with wonderful illustrations from original magazines, are all very collectable now.  We offer a selection of original paintings, old prints, lithographs etc. that will transport the viewer back to those heady days.  A few have suffered to varying degrees over the years, dampness and slight damage to frames occasionally having occurred, so please look carefully at the photographs and feel free to contact us with any questions. We will also include under this heading framed crystoleums when we are able to source examples of the right quality.

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