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  • Art Deco Crown Devon bowl
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Art Deco Bowl by Fieldings Crown Devon

Item Description

Colourful Art Deco bowl from Fielding's Crown Devon dating from the 1930's.

Depicting a galleon sailing on the high seas with its sails billowing and large bright red flags fluttering in the wind.  Further round the bowl a lighthouse spreads its beams away on each side and further round still is a brightly shining midday sun.

The inside of the bowl is coloured in a rich mottled green and the outer rim shows an informal rectangular pattern all round.

We've not come across this design before and can't find any reference to it in our research.

Very English Art Deco and reminiscent of the stained glass windows still occasionally seen in certain 1930's built houses.

The overall diameter is a little under 25 cm and the interior of the bowl has a diameter of 23 cm. Fully marked on the underside and also showing the Mattita mark.

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