Silver, either solid or plated, pewter and, to a lesser extent, brass and copper were the metals most commonly used to produce Art Nouveau and Art Deco metalware and many pieces made were quite stunning. From mainland Europe, the WMF, Argentor and Kayserzinn companies were just three of the better known whose products are still very sought after, along with those made and designed here in the UK, especially those commissioned by Liberty’s.  The design and craftsmanship that went into metalwork from these years was so full of originality and character, and much is still as eyecatching today as when it was first made. We offer a varied selection of decorative and practical items from several different manufacturers, some of which also incorporate other materials such as glass or enamel.  Metalware items that were made by exponenets of the Arts & Crafts movement are now listed in our separate Arts & Crafts category.  In the meantime, please have a browse, take your time, and we hope you like what you see…

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