Art Nouveau Fairy Lamp
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Art Nouveau Fairy Lamp

Item Description

Silver-plated Art Nouveau table lamp from Moritz Hacker of Vienna.

Depicting an elf or fairy emerging from the water with arms outstretched as she looks at a lotus blossom in front of her. This flower doubles as a candle holder, still containing the original removable sconce.  The pond and its edges are in typical Nouveau style, with swirling sinuous lines, long grassy leaves and a delightful bullrush completing the scene.

Above the young elf arches the stylised foliate inspired support which houses the wonderful natural shell shade. 

This is a beautiful piece of Art Nouveau design and looks equally stunning whether lit or unlit.  Dating from circa 1905 and measuring around 36.5 cm in length by 23 cm high.  Marked beneath with the manufacturer's usual mark.

We have had this lamp professionally checked over and rewired to comply with current safety requirements.

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