Art Deco Lady & Ball Lamp
  • Art Deco Lady & Ball Lamp
  • Art Deco Lady & Ball
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  • Art Deco table lamp
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Art Deco Lady & Ball Lamp

Item Description

Impressive and rare Art Deco lamp with an elegant and very Deco lady reclining with one leg in front of her and leaning back on one hand, looking ahead at the marble ball she's holding up in the other.  She is nude apart from a strategically placed piece of drapery and sports a fabulous twenties hair style.

Behind her is a semi-circular frosted glass panel with a bronze design detail which acts as the shade.  The lamp fitting itself is positioned behind the glass.

Sited on a slightly rough-hewn pale alabaster base, the overall length is just over 42 cm. and the height to the top of the rear panel is around 30cm.

This lamp looks equally attractive whether unlit or illuminated.  There are one or two minor marks reflecting the age but nothing significant and it looks terrific on display.

Fitted with three-core wire and therefore earthed as required by current standards.

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