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Electricity is so taken for granted now, it’s easy to forget that it didn’t start appearing in homes until towards the end of the 1800’s, the breakthrough coming with the invention of the incandescent light bulb at around that time. Even then, it was just the very wealthy who could consider switching from gas and candles and only then by installing their own dedicated electricity generator - the national grid was still a long way off. In the early 1900’s more and more electricity producing companies were formed and use spread slowly down to the reasonably well off. From around 1926 however, ordinary homes started to be connected and domestic use gradually increased through the 30’s. Manufacturers who were quick to spot the commercial possibilities from the start employed Art Nouveau artists and designers who came up with many and varied wonderful styles of table lamp, standard lamp and ceiling and wall fixtures to enhance further the use of this new and convenient source of power. With the march of time into the Art Deco period, many more exciting, original and stylish lamps and light fittings burst on to the scene. Even in the modern home of today, a carefully chosen and placed lamp from these bygone times can look quite stunning. We offer a wide selection which we hope you will enjoy considering. Although we are happy that everything here is in working order, please note that all items offered should be thoroughly checked by a competent professional electrician before use, to ensure that they meet current safety requirements.

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