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  • Scottish Arts & Crafts necklace
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Scottish Arts & Crafts Pendant Necklace

Item Description

Splendid Arts & Crafts silver pendant necklace dating from the 1920's, almost certainly Scottish in origin and quite possibly by Mary Thew.

The main pendant is set with a beautiful and large Mexican fire opal in its centre, partially surrounded above and on each side by a design of knotted silver roses, stems and leaves very reminiscent of work by Thew.

No less that seven colourful opal doublets are set in random fashion amongst the silverwork, beneath which emerges a geometric silver framework design with beaded edge that is very Art Deco in style. 

At the very foot of the pendant a single faceted fire opal protrudes slightly forward.

Two short lengths of chain connect the pendant to its silver suspender which is set with a third fire opal, a cabochon which is surrounded by more knotted roses and leaves.

On the original necklace chain which is decorated with little twisted silver rods at intervals and has no fastener, being long enough to fit over the head.

Length from the suspender to the little fire opal at the foot is a fraction over 8.5 cm.  The chain is approximately 80 cm long.

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