Arts & Crafts pendant with butterflies
  • Arts & Crafts pendant with butterflies
  • Arts & Crafts enamelled butterflies pendant
  • Arts & Crafts enamelled butterfly pendant
  • Antique enamelled butterflies pendant
  • Enamelled butterflies pendant

Arts & Crafts Pendant with Three Butterflies

Item Description

Well crafted Arts & Crafts silver pendant featuring three butterflies spreading their beautifully enamelled blue and greeny-yellow wings which are slightly angled forwards, giving a three-dimensional effect.

Arranged in a triangle with the lower one connected by a pair of single links, allowing it to gently swing.

An oval mother-of-pearl disc is set in the centre and a little teardrop shaped mother-of-pearl set in a silver mount forms the drop below.

The pendant is suspended on two short lengths of chain from an oval ring which connects to the necklace chain.

Early 1900's, the merest touch over 6 cm long, including the ring and the drop, with the necklace chain measuring 44 cm.

Price £330.00

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