Art Deco brooch by Meyle & Mayer
  • Art Deco brooch by Meyle & Mayer
  • Meyle & Mayer silver brooch
  • Art Deco Meyle & Mayer brooch
  • Brooch by Meyle & Mayer
  • Meyle & Mayer of Pforzheim
  • Art Deco brooch from Meyle & Mayer
  • Meyle & Mayer

Art Deco Brooch by Meyle & Mayer

Item Description

German Art Deco silver brooch set with amethysts and marcasites.

Openwork in style with a regular shaped outline, not unlike that of an open flower, and a complex design spreading out from the central ring of marcasites.

Made by the Pforzheim firm of Meyle & Mayer and marked with their dragonfly symbol on the back together with two M's separated by a spoked wheel on the pin. There is a third mark on the C clasp that we are unable to distinguish.

Dating from the 1920's and measuring approximately 3 cm in diameter.

Price £260.00

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