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Trio of Vases by Delatte

Item Description

A small collection of three similarly shaped but different height pâte-de-verre glass vases made by the French glassmaker André Delatte in the 1920's. 

The two smaller vases both show a mottled combination of orange and deep blue shades, with the tallest of the three being very slightly lighter and without the additional blue colour. 

Known in France as solifleur vases, these particular designs have a rounded bulbous base which contrasts elegantly with the long, narrow and gently tapering neck.

Delatte, orignally a banker, opened his studio in Nancy in 1919 after meeting the Muller brothers and becoming fascinated by the art of glassmaking. 

The smallest (ref. 12077) has a height of 26 cm, the mid-height one (ref. 11943) is 31.5 cm and the tallest (ref.11964) is 33 cm.

The final photo in our sequence shows in close-up a small chip to the neck of the tallest vase.

We are offering these as a trio but will consider selling them individually at £170 (12077), £170 (11943) and £85 (11964). 

Price £385.00

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